As we plan the construction of our house, we need to plan the materials we want for our roof. Like other parts of our home, the roof faces lots of challenges every day. The roof is our protection against the rapid change of the weather. When we do not use the proper materials and have the best roofing company, we will not have the best protection form harmful elements. Aside from protection, a property without a well-established roof is nothing. Even though it has a well-defined and well-designed building, it will never be worth it if it has roof problems.  

Have you ever think that investing to a well-constructed roof is worthwhile? Well, if yes, then you are right! Sometimes, people think that they need to spend less for everything. They need to buy materials that are cheap without thinking about the quality. If you are one of them, you must avoid this type of mindset. This type of mindset will put your safety at risk and will produce danger to your family. With your roof, it is best to use materials that can perform excellently. They must be durable, high-quality, and can withstand to any weather conditions. For your dream roof, Wilmington roofing will help you. They will help you achieve the best roof that you could imagine! 


As part of the homeowner`s responsibilities is to buy materials for the roof. But, before doing so, they need to learn the basics of roof systems before buying. Since this article is made for you, here are the things that you must learn: 


  • The primary component of roof system is the roof covering. It includes the tiles, metals, shingles, slates, and many more. With your roof cover, ensure that it can protect the sheathing from the different weather conditions.  
  • Another component of roof system is the sheathing. Sheathing is the sheet and boards that we cover our house and building.  
  • The structure of the roof is another component that we must ensure its durability. They need to provide full protection and support for the sheathing.  
  • Flashing, on the other hand, is a sheet metal or other installed materials. They are installed in the joints and valleys to avoid water leakage. 
  • Also, we must not forget the drainage. The drainage is important to ensure that there will be no water pools that occur in our roof.  

Aside from the components of our roofing system, we need to give ourselves time to choose what type of roof system we want to have for our property. You can choose from the following choices: 

  1. The asphalt shingles. If you want to use an affordable and durable roofing system, this is the best choice.  
  2. The wood shingles and shakes is another option. It can produce elegant and sophisticated looks for your property. 
  3. The tiles and slates. Well, if you want to use long-lasting roofing materials, tiles and slates are best for you! 
  4. If you want to use materials that are synthetic, you can have one. All you have to do is seek help from professionals about everything you need to do.