Gold Discovery Melodrama for Students

We offer an interactive, educational Gold Rush play:

“Coloma’s Rush To Find The Riches”
Or “Look For The Gold Within Yourself”.

This play has been running for about 20 years. It is presented in the old melodrama style. The audience can even become part of the performance. There are several student parts and two adult parts where we actually bring audience members into the play on stage.

Our play reinforces many facts the students are learning about gold and Gold Rush. We also bring to the stage some of the important Gold Rush characters in California history such as Sam Brannan and John Sutter.

Ms. Goldie, the hostess of the show, will begin by giving the students Gold Rush facts. She will then ask for volunteers, both students and adults, to take part in the performance. Your students will learn Gold Rush History from memorable characters such as James Marshall, Captain John Sutter, Sam Brannon, and, in true melodrama fashion, a Hero and a Villain. So your students will get to boo the Villain, cheer for the Hero, and sigh at a few sentimental moments while participating in a memorable and enchanting educational experience.

We book performances on an individual basis. We will do our best to accommodate your group's schedule during your visit in Coloma. Our season runs March thru June, we book shows Monday through Friday. Our first show of the day is 9am and our last is 7:30pm. The show runs between 50 minutes and 1hour 15 minutes depending on your group size and the amount of student participation during the show.

Our maximum capacity is 100.

To make reservations for your school, email

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